Rescue Course May 2017

Big Thanks to all the Instructors and Divemasters in training for getting me through the rescue course ! After some tears and tantrums I can honestly say its one of the more rewarding courses I've ever done, even if my face is peeling off from the sunburn Thanks Danielle     Well what can I say : Thanks Paul and all the divemasters and Instructors for all the help and encouragement in the most difficult course to-date. The rescue course is tough but very rewarding Thanks Ken       Again Many Thanks for all your help and particular thanks to Pete , Mick and Martin for their support and help over the rescue and SMB courses. The only thing I would  say is please tell Pete not to improvise the course is hard enough as it is - really satisfying though. Thanks again Mark Neale

Egypt March 2017

Egypt is just the place to do:- Boat , Night and Nitrox . What can I say Great Time & Learning Paul       Egypt , Greta Hols , great people , great fun. Thanks to Paul & Lesley for arranging , Lesley and Suzi for looking after us on the travels. Thanks to Paul , Pete & Mick for all the dive supervision , advice and support Thanks Chris P,S Night & Boat accomplished , whoop whoop       Doing my Fish ID course in Egypt was the best fun I've had in all my eleven years of being alive. I could name every fish I saw . Think this will be the last time ill write in this book for a couple of years ... so for the last time Happy Days Paul ! you've helped me. Emili       Egypt 2017 what a trip , loved every moment of it ( Well nearly every minute ) Deep dive speciality done - 40 metres thats a long way down - but with your support Paul it was easy. Many Thanks to you all In particular to Mick who was as always incredibly supportive . Mark    

Open Water October 2016

A big thank you to all of the team. The course and the training was very professional and I was made to feel welcome, I had a great time and would recommend Barrascuba.   Mark

Open Water October 2016

Many thanks to Paul and the team for making my diving a great experience and look forward to seeing you all again soon.    Simon

Open Water October 2016

Everyone is so friendly and helpful and helped me every step of the way to become an Open Water Diver, With the encouragement of Paul and the team I know I will do great things. Thanks so much Emilia Neale

Open Water October 2016

Paul - What can I say , firstly many thanks for your patience,support and help more importantly for looking after Emilia. We have both thoroughly enjoyed the course and are looking forward to extending our knowledge and skills with you. I also have to thank your team all have been amazing and made us feel so welcome. Anyone can teach Scuba but you and your team have made it such a memorable experience. Many many thanks to you all at Barrascuba . Neale

31st may 2016 Open Water

I can not thank Paul and his team enough for their patience in getting me through my Open water Course, I started this course late in 2015 but due to personal reasons I could not dedicate the time so I left the course. Paul kept in contact and with no pressure kept the door open for me to return and carry on from where I left off. I returned and joined a person already on the course through to completion.  

Deep & Wreck Speciality April 2016

I would recommend these dives they are a great experience and a challenge, with the help of Paul , Mick & Pete I managed to complete both. Thanks again to you all. Ken

Open Water May 2016

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who help me on my Open Water Course, The course was very good and all aspects of the course went into in great detail, to help me with my concerns or worry's I had whilst participating and I look forward to doing my Advance course Liam Riordan

Advance & Dry Suit Speciality Dec 2015

A big thank you to Paul and his Staff for all the help whilst doing my Advance  & Dry Suit Courses The weekend was wet but warm in the water Thanks again Ken.

Advance & Dry Suit Speciality Dec 2015

Advance and Dry suit speciality done in 2 days thanks to the support and dedication Paul, Mick, Pete & the team!!  It was so cold I  probably would of given up if it wasn't for the friendly , positive and supportive staff. Once again I had lots of fun over the weekend despite the freezing temperature. So massive thanks to Paul and the team for getting me one step closer to being a Marine Photographer Lots of love  Rebekah

Open Water 20/21 June 2015

It was good .Thank you very much,The staff were amazing.I hope to see them soon Thanks Paul       From Ellis

Open Water 20/21 June 2015

Thank you it was very good Logan

Open Water 20/21 June 2015

really pleased with the laid back and friendly staff and instructor.I was initially apprehensive but all my worries were addressed and i was made very comfortable. a BIG thank you to all . David Boyce

Open Water 20/21 June 2015

Big thank you to Paul and all the other divers that have helped, Were all brilliant and a good laugh. Look forward to more dives with the club in the future. Jordan Everitt

Advanced Open Water 2 June 2015

A big thank you to everybody at Barrascuba for helping us pass our Advanced Open Water. Five great dives completed and enjoyed.Now onto our SMB course and hopefully our dry suit.(might keep a bit warmer)plus the holidays to Egypt next year!! Christopher Collumbus and Chloe (advanced open water divers)

Advanced Open Water 26 May 2015

Thank you Paul,Pete and Martin,A thoroughly great weekend.Out of the five dives to choose,The best it had to be the wreck,Which was totally unexpected. Roll on dry suit course,I'm getting fed up with soggy feet. cheers Paul  

Open Water 26 May 2015

A massive thank you to Paul and the rest of the Barrascuba team without everyone's help and persistence we wouldn't complete the course.Everyone has been really nice and welcoming that it feels like we are now part of the Barrascuba family. Again we can't thank you guys enough. Chanel and Clive

Open Water 9-10 May 2015

Thanks to all the Barrascuba staff for your patience with me and taking the time to show us how fun it can be. Lee Bryant  

Open Water 18 May 2015

We where talked into doing our try dive,Feeling nervous and that we may not enjoy it,But after that first lesson we both agreed that it was something we had to do.The entire Barrascuba team made us feel welcome,comfortable and confident from the minute we had started the course.Since completing the course we had both decided that we need to the advanced course as diving is something we'll now be doing for the rest of our lives! Thank you so much for all the help and support and thank you for being such a brilliant teacher(Paul) and buddy (Mick) Christopher Collumbus and Chloe xx

Open Water 9-10 May 2015

I was nervous at first,But i had the great support of the Barrascuba crew. Thank you to everyone who helped me Kayleigh Bryant

Open Water 9-10 may 2015

I was a nervous wreck when i started the open water course,and was afraid of not passing. However Paul Mick and Pete and the rest of Barrascuba were extremely friendly,helpful and patient. I felt very accepted and comfortable in the school and couldn't ask for better instructors. So a huge thank you goes to everyone that helped me on my journey-getting me one step closer to uni and one step closer to my dream job as a Marine photographer,I Know for sure that I will continue my diving journey with Barrascuba,Knowing i'm in safe hands. Thank you so so so much for everything so far! Rebekah Ball xx  

peak performance buoyancy

Thank you to Peter and Paul,But mainly Peter   He never gave up with me even when i wanted to get out. It was a great experience to try diving in the cold. Thank you for helping me complete my peak performance buoyancy. Love from Angela x

Dry Suit Spcciality

Blimey even more things to think about, Thank you to Paul,Martin,Mick and Pete for your help & support, Once again a great course,And once again well taught. Thank you Anita & Alic x

Dry Suit Speciality

Not as easy as i thought,Need more practice,Many thanks to big bro for your patience and also Clinton and Mick for the support Marlon 26-November 14

Nitrox Course

Thank you as always Paul for another good and well presented course, Hard at times but very interesting,Were both looking forward to using Nitrox on holiday in 2015.Thank you again for all the help Penny & Martin xx

Rescue Course

Martin,Mick and Clive deserve Oscars for their acting!!!! Thanks Paul and your fab staff for getting me through this hard but rewarding course. Alec        15-16 November-14

Rescue Course

Well there we were at Guildy at 9:00am Saturday morning in the rain,Mark in his lovely warm dry suit and myself in a semi-dry wondering what the hell we'd got ourselves into!!But after two mornings/afternoons of mental and physical excursion, I can speak for both of us when i say "What an Experience" It took a bit of self persuasion to drag myself out of bed both mornings but i'm bloody glad i did,As it feels great knowing that i've done it, And can proudly call myself a qualified "Rescue Diver".Roll on march next year when we venture back to Hurghada ,Egypt,when we can put some of what we have learned into practice.Many thanks to Martin,Mick and clive. Jo and John for assisting with the course.Big love to you all,And of course Paul for his patience xxx Joe and Mark   15 -16 November- 14    

Dive Master

After a long 14 months i cant believe i have now completed the Dive Master course.Its been a massive learning curve and undoubtedly made me a  better diver in myself,I look forward to learning the trade and becoming a great Dive Master and helping others achieve what i have at this great club. I thank Paul for his patience and his teaching of this amazing course.Thank you to all the AIs and the current DMs for their continued support,Now i look forward to being part of that great team. Thank you Clinton  

Dive Master

Dive Master course finished,Not sure what to say,Accept this, Good course.Very hard,Lot to learn You end up learning so much about yourself as you do about being a Dive Master OMG John Davies

Dive Master

Thank you so much for sticking with us on the DM course,I have achieved a goal i never though possible,And could not have done it without the help of ALL the members of Barrascuba,Especially Paul Morgan,Pete Richardson,Mick Marriott,Clive Jefferys and Martin Treloar,A brilliant course and very life stretching,Thank you again Joanna Davies

EFR Course

Tank you again for the EFR course,Alec and I completed,Very knowledgeable and god help anyone Alec has to save!!! Great day had by all. Anita & Alec

Open Water

Thank you all so much for putting up with me,And getting me through my Open Water.A few tantrums, And a day walking away,But I came back to complete,The guildy lake is a scary place and (Bloody Deep)But now i cant wait to get back in again.Thank you Paul and your fab staff. Anita

Live aboard

My first live aboard FANTASTIC, Good diving,Good company, Everything you need for a great time .I will do another for sure,Thank you Barrascuba for a fantastic dive trip,and we got to dive with the dolphins.John Davies

Nitrox course

Nitox course,Well where do i start,Good course,some bits very hard and some easy,But much better to dive with when doing multi dives,And no cramp for the first time.John Davies


I was soo scared,Paul was brilliant, So reassuring ,Paul and the whole Barrascuba team helped me gain my confidence,They reassured me And i always felt at ease.


I was really scared when i started,But Paul and the Barrascuba squad helped on shore and under water,It was the best weekend i have ever had.

James Jack Wark

Thoroughly enjoyed doing my course with Barrascuba Diving school, The instructor was fantastic,Patient and attentive,The club members that i met were a real great bunch of people, Thank you Paul Morgan & Barrascuba Diving School. James Jake Wark  30-06- 14

Joanna Davies

Brilliant course thanks for all the support and help.Really enjoyed it, Look forward to the next one.

Open Water

Well who would of thought a day snorkeling in Egypt would and of ended in a Padi cert, I cant thank Paul,Martin,Mick and all the staff enough for getting me through, Advanced next. Alec Boiling 10-06-14

Search & Recovery

Another certification in Search & recovery conducted by Paul, a worthwhile and interesting course, Thanks again Paul for your patience.Clinton

Clinton, Lisa & Leyton

Another fantastic trip thanks to Paul and Lesley,Lovely hotel and great diving as always,Looking forward to the next time. Thanks again

John & Joanna

Thank you to Paul and Lesley for a fantastic holiday,Good friends good weather and fantastic diving.Looking forward to the live-aboard in September.

Night diving

A huge thank you again to Paul,Michael and Pete for night diving in Egypt and for all the help.Nathan

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you both! thank you for all the hard work that both you and Lesley have done over the last year, we really enjoyed the dinner dance you arranged and appreciate the work put into it. Looking forward to diving with you this year and the holiday see you soon Simon 8th January 2013

Emergency first response course - December 2012

Thanks Paul, EFR course done now it's time to think about the rescue course. Thanks Paul I really enjoyed it.  John Davies

Dry Suit Speciality - December 2012

Another tick in the box. Enjoyed Saturday it is finally sinking in! looking forward to lots more diving in the New Year.  Rescue next.  Kim

AI Course

Thanks to Paul M, This is my last course Shirley says. Big thanks to Pete, Paul and Clive.  Mick

AI Course

Thanks to Paul for talking us all into taking possibly the most informative course I have taken. Clive  

Dry Dive - November 2012

Didn't know what to expect and a little apprehensive but once we started decent was fine. A great experience worth every penny, enjoyed the tours and seeing the effects on everyone else. Very friendly staff and highly recommended and will do again. Cheers Clinton Hill

Dry Dive

Brought back memories of stars in your eyes and Joe Pasquali, everyone wanted to sing a song that got on my nerves. Top evening, when is the return night. Pete R

Dry Dive 2012

Amazing experience. Very surprised at my ability to not be able to do my alphabet at 50 metres, think every body should do this.  Ratty

Mexico 2012

Lesley and Paul a great holiday thank you. Well organised, good hotel food and leisure. The diving was good and the wobbly water a new experience as were the caverns. It was good to be with so many nice people. Good fun. Look forward to our next adventures with everyone.  Love Irene and Alan x

Thanks - Mexico

Well what can I say except a huge thank you for an amazing holiday in Mexico. Diving was great and we couldn't fault the hotel at all, fantastic food, drink and company. Roll on 2013 for the next holiday. Love Suzi and Chris xx

Thanks - Mexico

Thanks to you both (Paul and Lesley) for such an amazing trip to Mexico, I have found diving again along with alcohol amongst other things but we won't go into them!! Cavern diving for the both of us was a first, what an experience it will stay with us forever. Good food, great hotel, fantastic company what more could we ask except when's the next one?  Love Penny and Martin xx October 2012

Open Water Course

Thanks Paul Pete and all the other DM's for helping Abbie (jnr) through her course. Look forward to diving with you all again very soon (both of us) Stuart

Open Water Course

Thank you Paul, I can't say I was completely interested in diving but you persuaded me to do the course and I am glad you did. It is an experience that I am very pleased to have done as well. You were a very patient teacher and I would like to thank everyone who helped me complete the course. Damian Watson


Thank you Paul for getting me back interested in diving, I had spent over a year out. Now I want to go every week as I am now an advanced open water diver. Once again thanks Paul and the DM's  James Jeffrys


Thank you Paul and Mick for giving up your time to instruct James (and Anna too!!) it is great to be able to put your trust in such a professional team. Without doubt you are the best instructors we have come across in our years (especially Mark's) of diving. Many many thanks Lynda and mark Howlett

Open Water Course

Thanks Paul and Barrascuba Diving School for helping me pass my open water diving course, I had a great time on the weekend diving with Paul and Mick helping me out. I'm now looking forward to completing my advance open water soon!  James Howlett

Advanced Open Water

My second attempt, Paul was very patient and extremely reassuring, I was nervous of possibly panicking but by putting my trust in him was the best thing I could have done. Also Mick and Pete who were there at my side gave me confidence and with each dive I felt better. Many thanks for getting me through. Yvonne Flecknor

EFR Course

Emergency first response course was very worth while, again with Paul's way of teaching it was both fun and a great feeling, I can now help people who need emergency first aid whenever it may occur. Clinton

Advanced Open Water Course

Advanced open water course was sick, loved Stoney Cove and Gildenburgh. Diving the deep and wreck was a great experience, loved every minute of doing this course. I want to thank Paul (Instructor) and DM's and I want to apologise for making Pete lose his mask, but also to thank him and Mick for helping me to do this course. Dale Wilkinson

Advanced Open Water

Advanced open water course with Barrascuba, first day/time at Stoney Cove for deep and wreck. Paul instructing and the great DM'S looking after us Mick, Pete, Paul and Michael. Good instruction, great new skills tried and learnt. Thank you for the whole weekend, the experience, nerve racking but fun. Pauline 07/08/12

Open Water Course

A big big thank you to Paul and his team for helping me to achieve my open water. This has done my confidence a power of good and I  am looking forward to furthering my diving skills. Many thanks to you all. Jane Marshall

Open Water Course

Dear Paul, and the people at Barrascuba. Thank you all, for making my first course such and enjoyable experience  A warm and welcoming atmosphere. Such a supporting team. Can't wait to get out there. I wouldn't have the confidence without you all. Thankyou, Beth Hallett

Open Water Course

What a fantastic experience. Scuba diving is something I'd always wanted to do, and yet always had something else to distract me. I am so glad I have achieved my Open water certificate. Paul was a fantastic teacher, and Suzie in particular, gave me some fantastic tips. I shall persevere with it. Yvonne Flecknor

Dry Suit Course

Thanks to all. Especially Paul, Glen and Mick. Loads of fun, but hard work. Joanna Davies


Thanks ever so much Paul, Glen, & all the DMs for supporting & helping me to get through the weekend (open water)  cold but a fantastic experience. looking forward to the advanced course-hopefully soon . Thanks again

Hannah (Jnr)

Thanks to all of you for all your help it was a bit cold but great fun, looked after well.


To Paul, Glen and everyone else, too many to mention, Thank you thank you & thank you again for all the help, support, cuddles, kisses, words of encouragement and generally putting up with me and my blonde moments whilst doing my Advance where everyone gets their patience from is beyond me but if you could bottle it you could make a fortune. Just remember I want a cut!!!

Amy (Jnr)

It's so good that I am an Open Water diver and I will see you all again & again. Thank you.


I should have learnt by now not to listen to Paul when he says that a course is easy. The Rescue Course was anything but. My thanks to Paul, Glen & all the Divemasters, their help & encouragement was invaluable. Also to Chris & Tim my fellow victims for their support.

James (Jnr)

Thanks to Paul, Glen and all the Divemasters for helping me qualify last September, sadly I have only been in once since because of my age, Cheers

Penny & Martin

Fantastic course superb Instructors thanks to all for the help, advice, hand holding and patience given to Martin and I (Hand holding for me not martin!!!) Cant wait to advance to the next level. Love to all


I would like to say a big thank you to Paul, Glen & all the lads at Barrascuba for helping me achieve what I never thought possible, to become an Open Water diver. There must have been times when they thought I would never do it but I did  so there! Thanks again.


Hi Paul, Just wanted to say thanks for sorting out a brilliant weekend in Plymouth, we both had such a good time. Enjoy your BBQ, catch up soon


The Divemaster course was a superb course which has enhanced my enjoyment of this great sport. The knowledge gained and passed on in this course is unable to be measured as so much was implanted by the superb leadership of Paul and Glen. Also the help from previous Divemasters made the course so much easier to complete. The other students on the course were also a great team and I feel made the whole thing so much better. I will very much look forward to putting the skills learnt into practice.


This DM course was one of the most challenging things that I have done, and would not have been achievable without the help and support of Paul, Glen, Nigel and the rest of the guys. So a big thanks to everyone on the team and I look forward to lots of future diving adventures with you all. Live to dive not dive to live.


An extensive and exhausting course made enjoyable by Pauls style of teaching. A sense of friendship/camaraderie was formed by all on the DM course and a lasting friendship was formed by the staff and students with encouragement and help from all corners. Many thanks to Mick, Mike, Paul and all the staff for helping me through it.


I am so grateful that you could fit my Open Water Course in before I went away travelling. The course has been a lot of fun and everything was explained and demonstrated to a very high standard. Thank you to Paul, also a big thank you to the rest of the staff. Everyone is very friendly and I will miss you all when I go away.